My Love for Yoga started with being a dancer. I wanted to stay flexible, strengthen my body and find a balance in my daily life as a dancer and choreographer. Today, practising daily is my physical and mental key to a peaceful inner state and helps me to live here now. Yoga became the foundation of my life, my way of living, my way to move, to breathe and to dance.
Already in the age of 16, I started teaching peer dance classes and since then I never stopped to enjoy sharing as a teacher. After I discovered yoga in several ways, of course, I wanted to share this helpful and uplifting practice as well and participated at my first TTC in Germany at the Yogaloft Cologne led by Sonya Taylor Bach. Since 2015 I am teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and a Yoga Dance Fusion which I call Vinyasa Dance.
In my classes, I want to infect my students with the love for yoga and accompany them on their own way. Sharing my passion and personal experiences by teaching a broad variety of possibilities to move, with or without yoga mat is always a deep pleasure for me. Can’t wait to meet you and to lead you through a juicy, fluid and joyful practice connected to your breath and heart.
Contemporary Dance Master Course for teaching and performing – Immo Birgit Buhl, Nürnberg.
Teaching Profession for Sports – University of Sports, Cologne
200h TT – Yogaloft Cologne led by Sonia Taylor Bach (Yogaalliance)
50h TT Yin – Vira Drotbohm at Yogaloft Cologne
300h TT – Archarya Yogesh, Devi Kaur, Vivi Kadarusman- Yogashivonam (Yogaalliance)