Forgotten Land 

  Reconnect to the source and find inner magic !

Arambol, Goa, is an international melting pot of musicians, artists, and spiritual seekers. Coming together every year to create beauty and celebrate the here and now. Forgotten Land, Arambol, is an enchanting location directly by the beach. Enjoy a spacious ocean view dance floor, organic restaurant & café, healing & chill out area. Forgotten Land is a communal space for ecstatic practices and an invitation for the individual to reconnect with the creative source. Artistically. Spiritually. And in long forgotten, but recently remembered ways. The Forgotten Land kitchen prepares healthy meals for us during breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the festival ticket.


Accommodations are not included in the festival ticket. Beach huts, rooms, and apartments are easy to find in a price range from 5 – 15 Euro a night for 1-2 persons. Beach huts in Blue Pyramids are available: Call, write or Whats App Anand 0091 976 822 1111, If you want to look somewhere else: We advise you to reserve a room for your arrival (for a few nights). And then you can find your unique hut, apartment or room. See guest house addresses below. You can as well use this adress to fill in the VISA application.

God’s Gift Guesthouse Call or write a mail to James and he will tell you rates. Girkar Waddo, Arambol, Pernem – Goa, 403524 INDIA, 0091 9923427570 Email:

Ivons Guesthouse, Girkar Waddo, Arambol, Pernem – /Goa,,  Martin +919822127398


You can use the God’s Gifthouse address for your VISA application. Check Visa regulations from your country on time.