Gabrielle Roth´s 5Rhythms® is a simple and deep moving meditation practice to connect with our body through the dance. We follow the sequence of the 5Rhythms (the Wave) – Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical and Stillness – as a compass to move and rediscover what needs to be danced with the support and inspiration of the group. A place to embody of who we are, express it and let go, to find new possibilities. A space to give ourselves all the permission and dance our own dance, following the intuitive wisdom of our feet.

Alive, expressive and creative, Irene holds the space in a clear and welcoming way, looking at people with empathy and curiosity. «The 5Rhythms changed my life and now they are my practice, my medicine, my language and my metaphor. Dancing brings me here and now, it helps me to re-connect with my body, heart and spirit, to relate to others with love and to deeply trust in the divine. I believe it’s much needed to go back to our bodies and I love movement for its potential power to help us reconnect, release and heal. I love to share this simple yet profound and vast practice, and feel thrilled and very grateful to be making my own contribution to spreading it and to keep on building up this worldwide loving tribe.»