Ecstatic Dance Community


Dancing in many places of this beautiful planet and moving together as one: The global Ecstatic Dance Tribe. Humans who love to embody life through dance and connect with like-minded hearts.

Co-creating dance

We come closer together in Arambol beach, to celebrate movement with dance enthusiasts who all bring their unique flavour to the Goa Ecstatic Festival. Dance is a universal language, spoken by the body, spirit and heart of those who wish to expand. This is an individual and also very much a collective process. As we sweat and breathe and move together, we hold space for each others full expression.

Tribal alchemy

Through the simple act of dancing we become conscious of what we are together, and only together: Humans. Humanity. When we move on the dancefloor, a lot is happening. We get a healthy workout while we have fun with our friends. But we are also growing as human beings. In a blissful way becoming more aware of what it means to have a body and a heart. And to use these physical and spiritual elements to lift each other up. We get high on endorhins—with a little help of our friends.

Our Ecstatic Dance DJs play a variety of tasteful world and electronic music. Always in tune to what is happening on the dancefloor, the DJs and musicians blend their music into a unique mix: The dynamic soundtrack for your dance journey. Peaceful, sweet, wild, and deep.

Community hang-out

Our location, Forgotten Land, is your cozy ocean view hang-out before, during and after the Goa Ecstatic Festival. To meet your fellow dancers, eat, have a coffee, and relax. It’s directly on the beach, so when ever you feel like jumping in the water, go for it. Look out for more offerings at Forgotten Land, like the Goa Contact Festival, Intensives, workshops and dance jams, and stay connected to your dance family.