Zinn Da is a spiritual traveler spreading happiness around the world.

After a long and successful stint as a cyber wiz-kid, who has given consultancy to numerous clients across the globe, one day I realized that something is missing in my life. Life was more then money, name and fame. Perhaps the inner self had a strong conviction that humanity and diversity are missing and making me a not so complete human being. Tt was then I decided to start a fresh in a quest to become more enlightened and a person with human touch. The great Guru Osho paved the way to a new journey of life. Further involvement with Osho International Meditation Resort at Pune and Osho Humaniversity, Holland has provided new meanings to the life. A life that belongs to many more then me. A life which is a golden opportunity for love, peace, knowledge and humanity.

A regular course in Yoga and Naturopathy has given me a strength to fight with the uncontrollable forces and to give a new direction to the journey of life by exploring the soul, emotions and strength available deep within ourselves. I have always believed that technology, nature and human body & soul combined together makes a impeachable combination to make people realise the value of self and more so the value of this golden life that perhaps we get a chance to live once in all lifetimes.