parapsychologist, Tantra teacher , spiritual coach, tribal fusion dancer.

“I help women to discover their innate femininity, sensitivity and sexuality. I guide them in living more consciously while feeling the joy in every moment – to live their true nature.

I have been continuously developing embodied spirituality for over 9 years and my Tantric path spontaneously began 5 years ago. I have spent much of my time with enlightened masters, learning practices and techniques . I communicate very closely with them and receive guidenace for my work.⠀

I realised the importance in this modern  age  to help women return to their true nature. For 5 years now, my work has been to help women  live from their deepest desires and dreams.

Using my experience, my own unique techniques, as well as the practices of my masters, I direct women to go deep inside themselves.

After working with me, women release a lot of emotional and physical tension and begin to live more freely and relaxed. Women feel a clearer understanding of their direction and calling in life as well as feeling  increased wisdom, confidence and open femininity.

My satisfaction is seeing the results of the women I have worked with. I relish how their personalities mature as they begin to live in authenticity with themselves and others. To see their gifts and talents reveal themselves is such a joy to me

I invite you to light tantric practices and women circle”