Baptiste Sejourne is a music producer, celloist, and live set DJ. His musical journey began with traditional music from Old Europe, and also draws on another great influence, the music and essence of North Africa.

Baptiste´s music fosters ceremonial experience across many settings including, ecstatic dance, contact improv, and festival live sets. He enjoys the flexibility and depth in electronic music. Baptiste recently released his new EP KuraKura under the Label Numa (Germany).

He is also the founder of InSpirit: Holistic Music Production Retreat.


When he is not touring, Baptiste in based in Bali where he is Ecstatic dance Dj , and teacher at the Green School on music production and Projection mapping.


Baptiste´s music has been shared all over the world at Burning Man 2018, Woomoon Ibiza, Bali Spirit Festival, Contact Improv Festival (Goa)


Listen to his world downtempo electronica journey here:


Baptiste Sejourne